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The Squishbot is a compliant robot that will be able to squeeze through tight spaces whether its mission is reconnaissance or search and rescue. The Squishbot, like its predecessor the robosnail, will move by adhesive locomotion much like a snail does. As a pioneer of soft-bodied technology that allows the robot to morph its compliant body in response to stimulus, the impact of the Squishbot goes far beyond a single application but extends into fields as diverse as prosthetics, fluid mechanics, and robotics.

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a central database for up-to-date Squishbot design documentation and collaboration. This wiki contains individual and team contributions to the robot as well as meeting schedules and minutes. Hopefully, it will be seen as a common reference point and limit the confusion from having multiple copies of the "living documents" we produce.

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Current News


With a robot as integrated as the Squishbot, communication between groups is vital.

  • File Library
  • Table of Contents
  • Library: relevant robosnail/squishbot publications.
  • Communications: meeting schedules and resulting minutes can be found here, as well as collaborative editable documents and email lists.
  • Publishing: in progress papers and outlines
  • Group pages (below) provide space for current challenges and questions.
  • Individual's work can be found on their user pages under the appropriate group.


The Squishbot project is supported by 4 main teams.

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